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Buying a House


The JAG Realty process is unique & straightforward.

We make sure the client feels comfortable asking questions until they understand the process entirely. To do this, we communicate often. In other words, you can expect to hear from us a lot—which is great; you’ll always know what’s going on.

We adapt our process based on the needs of the client, but the core values of honesty, communication and perseverance resonate in each transaction as well. Below is an outline of what to expect when you buy or sell a home with JAG Realty.


Choosing the perfect home at the right price may feel overwhelming. JAG Realty partners with you to narrow the big map of available listings down to the next home of your dreams. Here’s how we do it.


Are you pre-approved? We ask all JAG Realty clients to get pre-approved before starting the home search. This confirms the range of affordability and instantly targets the search so we can be most successful in showing accurate homes and negotiating aptly. Wondering how to get pre-approved? Just ask!


Targeted searches. Now we get in the car and start our hunt. Based on affordability and home preferences, we begin to visit homes to assess their fit. In each home, JAG Realty agents use our residential expertise to point out features clients may not have noticed on their own.


Write an offer. You found a home you love and it’s time to write a strategic offer. We cultivate the right relationships to make an attractive offer for all parties involved. During this step we also flex our well-honed negotiating skills on our clients’ behalf.


Transaction oversight. We use our expert knowledge of real estate contracts to deliver a great deal under favorable parameters. During this stage we coordinate with the lender to ensure a smooth closing. If problems arise we bring solutions—not just the problem—to the client to avoid any further stress.


Closing. Congratulations, you’re a homeowner! We inform clients on the timing of their first payment, what to expect the first month, and are always available if they have any further questions.


The Internet has become the hot spot to market homes today, and it’s gone beyond traditional MLS listings to marketing to the consumer directly through Facebook and other online platforms. Our focus on gaining exposure through superior advertising sets up our home selling process to negotiate and close with a great result.


List and price the home accurately. JAG Realty uses our market knowledge and conducts copious research to price a home. This ensures no time is wasted in finding a seller in the current market.


High-class marketing. Selling a home hinges on great marketing and sales strategy. Buyers are online today and JAG Realty meets them there with beautiful marketing packages across multiple online platforms, sometimes even before they have chosen their realtor.


Deliver counter offers. When offers begin to flood in, we are aggressive for our sellers and structure counter offers based on the market and specific property being listed.


Negotiate and close. We protect the sellers’ interests throughout the entire negotiation to ensure that price, terms and timing serve their needs. JAG Realty brings a unique stance in our home selling process in that we continue to stay involved with overseeing the lender side, even though that is usually a service only provided for buyers.


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