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Avoid (Most) Moving Day Headaches with These 10 Tips

Let’s face it -- thoughts of moving day can conjure up all types of nightmares. You’re patiently waiting for the 9 a.m. doorbell announcing your mover’s arrival, and it never comes. Your beloved dog has had enough of the chaos and made a break for it. Your children are bawling their eyes out. And your new house keys? Well, they’re suddenly MIA.

It isn’t any wonder psychologists rank moving day as one life’s biggest stressors. To that end, JAG Realty presents 10 tips to help you avoid the most common moving day headaches.

Get a Head Start on Organizing

Procrastination will turn any moving-day headache into a five-star migraine. Good Housekeeping suggests using a good moving checklist and working on it as soon as you know you’ll be moving. During this time, you should also determine whether you’ll need movers to help with the big day.

Prepare Psychologically, Not Just Physically

Instead of approaching the big day with a negative attitude, try instead to focus on new beginnings and positive thinking. Get excited about making new friends, decorating your dream home, creating new traditions, and your great new job if you’re re-settling for work. Also, be sure to help your children mentally prepare for the move.

Purge and Purge and Purge Some More

A good time to get rid of all the extra clutter is before you start getting moving estimates. Work on the purge by making piles such as what you plan to donate, toss, or sell in a garage sale.

Hire a Reliable Mover

Research local movers online to help you pick out a moving company in Pittsburgh based on ratings and reviews left by other customers. Chances are, if another customer didn’t think very highly of a company, you should do your best to steer clear of them! When researching moving companies, see if any services are offering credits or discounts to their customers

Have each mover out to your home to give you cost estimates based on what you’ll need. Be sure to give each mover apple-to-apple comparisons. For example, if you’re asking them to pack your belongings, each one will need that detail. Also, be sure to ask for costs to be broken down so you can see what you’re paying for, line by line.

Make Plans for Your Pet

Plan on boarding your pet on moving day or find a friend to pet sit. The noise, strangers and stress of moving could cause your pet to make a run for it. Give them the day off. If you’re making a long-distance move and they will be traveling with you, be sure they have proper identification on their tags or have them microchipped. You may want to consider finding a friend’s house for your children too.

Treat Others As …

Plenty of water and snacks should be on hand for your movers. You can even make sandwiches and serve lunch. Movers are apt to do a much better job when you care for their needs and demonstrate that you appreciate their efforts.

Guard Valuables

Before movers arrive, be sure to store your valuables in a secure location. Do this even if you aren’t afraid of an actual theft, simply for your own peace of mind. That way, you can focus entirely on the task at hand. Also, if your movers will be transporting valuables such as expensive artwork, be sure those items are insured.

Hook Up Services

Nothing can ruin a good moving day like getting to your new home to find out you have no electricity, water or gas. Take care of those beforehand, and if possible, call to confirm when moving day gets closer.

Survival Kit

Make sure you have a survival kit prepared for moving day. This should include things like toilet paper, medications, some common tools and hardware, your moving paperwork, snacks, paper plates and plastic silverware, a change of clothes, an extra cell phone charger, and a toothbrush and comb.

A well-stocked survival kit avoids having to search through your belongings in boxes when you arrive. The Spruce recommends that you stock such an essentials box as the last thing you pack before moving day.

Expect the Unexpected

There are several good reasons to anticipate the unpredictable, to expect the unexpected. If you put yourself in the frame of mind that things could go wrong and find ways to adapt and problem solve those challenges, you’ll find your stress levels won’t increase like they would if you were anticipating perfection.

Go into your move with a positive attitude, and be sure to expect a small hiccup or two. By following these tips, though, you can avoid the headaches and focus on the adventure of this new chapter in your life!

For a process that leaves many people stressed, confused and downright nervous at times, we alleviate those apprehensions with our straightforward and consultant-like style. JAG Realty clients stay updated, informed and empowered throughout the whole real estate buying or selling process.

- Jim McKinley


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