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Article By Suzie Wilson Happier Home

Moving is a stressful process that involves many details; so many that it can be easy to overlook some of the basics. And while you may want to do it all yourself, sometimes it’s best to leave certain tasks to a pro in an effort to save time, money and stress. Research shows that moving is even more stressful than divorce. You can avoid moving mishaps, so you’re not making the process harder.

1. You Don’t Pack An Essentials Box

Keeping a box of essentials with you with necessities including a coffee pot, tools, phone, applicable chargers, laptop/tablet, a change of clothes, sheets and pillows for the bed, toiletries, medications and a first-aid kit will make things easier for you during the first couple of days when you’re unpacking and figuring out where everything is located.

2. You Didn’t Measure Your Furniture Beforehand

Even if you hire a professional mover, not measuring large furniture to ensure it can get through entryways can eat up more time come moving day. Be sure to do this in advance, so you make advanced preparations such as removing the hinges off the doors, taking the legs off the couch, or temporarily taking out a large window for removal. Professional movers will be able to help you with this, but you’ll be saving them time and effort by warning them that there needs to be an alternate game plan.

3. You Think Moving Yourself Will Save You Money

Between the cost of materials and the van (plus gas), not only will moving yourself not really save you money, but also it could cost you money should your items break in the process. One of the major reasons that happens is because an items wasn’t packed correctly, so it’s also not a bad idea to consider hiring professional packers, too. You’ll have peace of mind knowing all of your items are properly packed by trained experts. Another advantage of hiring professionals is that they accept the liability should anything become lost, broken, or damaged.

4. You Didn’t Declutter Before Packing

Packing unwanted items will only cause you more stress and money because you’re paying to move things you don’t need. Conduct a thorough cleaning of your home prior to packing and donate any gently used, unwanted items.

5. You Forgot To Have Your Utilities Switched

This common mistake can cause a problematic move should you not have any electricity when you arrive at your new home. Make sure you arrange for the disconnection of all utilities (electricity, water, gas, phone, internet, cable) in your old home a day or two after your move, but have them reconnected at your new abode at least one to two weeks prior to your moving date.

6. You Choose To Assemble Your Furniture

Even if you’re completely capable of putting the bed together, hiring a pro to assemble your furniture will save you time, effort and stress. An expert can get the job done quickly — and correctly, so it’s right the first time. They also have the right tools and can easily move the pieces in the correct location in your house. While your furniture is being assembled, you can make good use of your time by unpacking boxes. Whether you’re moving to a mansion or a studio apartment, it’s important to stay organized. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your move, as it will only add additional stress. Doing everything yourself is next to impossible, so hire and institute help to avoid a moving day disaster. Photo Credit: Pixabay


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